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Welcome to the Prairie City Oregon website. Nestled at the foot of the Strawberry Mountains, and straddling the Upper John Day River, Prairie City is the gateway to some of the most gorgeous and remote country in Eastern Oregon.

Originally established where placer gold was found, cattle ranching, timber and tourism are the current mainstays.

If you are into motorcycles, ATVs, hunting, snowmobiling, bicycles, mountain bikes, hiking, backpacking or cross country skiing, Prairie City is the hub of it all. Our valley is surrounded by mountains. Within National Forest, State and BLM lands there are hundreds of miles of paved and gravel roads, two-tracks, single tracks, and trails open to the public. You will never run out of places to explore! The adventure all begins and ends in Prairie City.

If you live here then this website contains resources to make life here even better.

Visitors are very welcome to come and explore. For a small town we have great accommodations including the super cool Historic Hotel Prairie, the very nice and recently upgraded Depot RV Park run by the City, numerous AirBNBs and other lodging. We have a few interesting shops and buildings and a historic restaurant, The Oxbow. But the best reason to visit is the excellent outdoor recreation opportunities.


Local Events Listing

Budget Meeting: May 21st 2023 at 6:00 PM

A workshop for the 2023-2024 Budget Committee will be held at City Hall in Prairie City on Wednesday, May 31st at 6:00 p.m. The committee will meet to receive the Budget Message and to consider appropriations for the upcoming fiscal year. A copy of the budget document may be inspected or obtained after May 29, 2023 during regular hours. Any person may appear at the meeting and discuss the proposed programs with the budget committee.


City Hall

Incorporated in 1891, Prairie City is a municipality of about 950 residents.

City Hall

133 Bridge Street
Prairie City, Oregon 97869

PH: 541-820-3605, FAX: 541-820-3566


Mayor: Scot Officer

City Council Members:

  • Candy Reagan,
  • Brook Williams,
  • Chase McClung,
  • Jennifer Shaw,
  • Chase Bloom,
  • Pam Gangler


City Recorder/Administrator: Shonalie Oakes

Public Works Director: Chris Camarena, PH: 541-620-3100
Public Works Supervisor: Tom Gangler
Public Works Technicians:

  • Brain Hueckman
  • Michiel Patterson

Fire Chief: Marvin Rynearson, PH: 541-620-4380

Museum Director: TBD.

The City of Prairie City has an open City Council position. Candidates for the position must be registered to vote and have been a resident of Prairie City for one year prior to appointment. The term of this position expires December 31, 2026. Interested parties may obtain an application for the vacancy at City Hall, 133 S. Bridge Street, Prairie City, OR 97869.

Depot RV Park and Museum

Depot RV Park Museum

Depot RV Park is adjacent to the DeWitt Museum just three blocks south of downtown on Main Street (Hwy 26).

The former Sumpter Valley Railroad (SVRR) Depot building which houses the museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The RV park offers: full hookups for all spaces, a large covered gathering structure, WIFI, picnic area, playground and clean rest rooms with hot showers. All RV spaces were upgraded in 2020 with improved sewer, water and electric hookups which are now suitable for four-season use. The RV park is managed by the city. From May to September the RV park has an on-site host.


  • Full Hookup : $32/night, $680/month, Additional Vehicle $4
  • Tent with Car or Motorcycle $14/night
  • Tent with Bicycle or Hiker $8/night
  • Sewage Dump $10

Steaming through the woods
Visit the historic Sumpter Valley Railroad

Useful Links

Utilities Online Bill Pay: Pay your water & sewer bill by Bill Pay

  • City Council Meeting Agenda and Past Minutes
  • Special Events Calendar
  • Mapping and Plats
  • Depot RV Park and Museum
  • Public Works


The Greater Prairie City Community Association

The GPCCA was born as a non-profit 501(c)(3) out of the need to have a non-profit organization receive the generous donation of the iconic Methodist Church at the south end of the City Park. The church is now referred to as the Community Center. The GPPCA also committed to serving the needs of the community beyond just managing the Community Center building.

Recently, after a few years hiatus, the GPCCA is again active with a new crop of volunteers and purpose. We’re calling it GPCCA 2.0. The new websites and new streaming a/v equipment at the Community Center are just a couple improvements already available for the community.